I’m going to be giving a talk for Babycastles on September 20th.

The Software Blues

Software is hard and making art is already hard enough. There are problems of starting, problems of continuing, and problems of finishing. Add to all that mess dependency hells, self-esteem issues, aesthetic merit, questions of authenticity… chart these waters with confidence and you’ll be rewarded with fulfillment and joy. Misstep and risk years of mumbling, “Someday, I’ll finish that thing.”

Join Tyler Etters as he shares strategies and tactics for navigating this messy process from inception to release. Using his latest piece, arcologies, as a case-study, we’ll learn how to get unstuck and persevere through those dark nights.

Tyler Etters is a polymath-artist currently residing in Los Angeles. Arcologies is his latetest project. It is “an interactive environment for designing 2d sound arcologies with norns and grid.”

Get Tickets. Any proceeds going to me will be donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists.