Hill with Sunshine

Brian Crabtree via the monome newsletter:

we hope you are staying healthy and positive in this unsettling sea of new normals. as many of the places we live start to resemble failed states we believe that imagination is more important than ever, making art is brave and revolutionary, and how we process this reality just might give us a better map for the one we’d like to create.

Warp Earth Catalog, Issue 2:

Warp Earth Catalog is a weekly mixtape of ideas to inspire, inform, enable and energize creativity and positivity in a time of global disruption and uncertainty. Based on the classic countercultural guide the Whole Earth Catalog and its credo of ‘access to tools’, these are tools for strength, awareness and thoughtful entertainment. From wherever in the world we are, let’s support each other, make things and help maintain the ecosystem of independent creativity.

Arrows of Time via Quantam Magazine:

The human mind has long grappled with the elusive nature of time: what it is, how to record it, how it regulates life, and whether it exists as a fundamental building block of the universe. This timeline traces our evolving understanding of time through a history of observations in CULTURE, PHYSICS, TIMEKEEPING and BIOLOGY.

Tech Talk: Inside Joshua Eustis / Telefon Tel Aviv’s Sound Lab (Electronic Beats TV) :

Telefon Tel Aviv has one of the most intense sound palettes in electronic music – atmospheric, emotive, swirling and intricate, all at the same time. It’s striking, then, that surviving member Joshua Eustis, who also records as Sons Of Magdalene and Second Woman, has such a deceptively simple set-up – working from Ableton Live with Max MSP as a further tool. It’s a sound lab built to be mobile. For the latest episode of Tech Talk, Telekom Electronic Beats TV spoke to him about his sonic imagination and the equipment and techniques he uses to realise it.

Jessica Conditt writing for Engadget::

“Similarly in Kentucky Route Zero, the characters are put in these terrible positions,” Elliott said. “Conway gives himself over to this debt situation. But he’s also done something really good, because this community has formed around him, and then he’s moved himself out of the way in order for this community to thrive. That sort of built up around him. Tragedy can have a sad ending, but it doesn’t mean that things are hopeless.”