My Life In Playlists: 2023


  1. Perpetual Terminal by Darkest Hour
  2. MDMA by Emmure
  3. Fade Away by The Amity Affliction
  4. Never Fade Away (SAMURAI Cover) by P.T. Adamczyk, Olga Jankowska
  5. Coyote by Stuxnet
  6. Rutten by Skream
  7. Clouds at Witnesses by $uicideboy$
  8. Nose to the Grindstone (Skeller Remix) by Skeller, Devilish Trio
  9. Overload by RoseHipRose
  10. One O’clock by Bvdub
  11. Relic by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki

My Life In Playlists: 2022


  1. Let It Go by araabMUZIK
  2. Minus by Robert Hood
  3. Beautiful World by Parannoul
  4. Exokind by Burial
  5. End Up by Sevyn Streeter
  6. Nitwe Tubyishyura (The Noise Came From Here) by Saul Williams
  7. Skyler Dawson by Ash Byrne
  8. Razor Control by Shed
  9. This Is Always by 3KZ
  10. Vanishing Point by Synkro
  11. Nightcrawler by Nosaj Thing
  12. Pale Star by Barn Owl
  13. The Promise of Snakes by The Angelic Process
  14. Unspoken by Kylesa
  15. Open Letter by The Amity Affliction
  16. Cold Sweat by Church of the Cosmic Skull
  17. Sinnerman by Nina Simone
  18. Your Guts Are Like Mine by Set Fire To Flames

My Life In Playlists: 2021


  1. Old Snake by Harry Gregson-Williams
  2. Above Broken Hearts by Bvdub
  3. Through That Feeling by DJ Seinfeld
  4. Kowloon City by Bauernfeind
  5. Kupfer by Modeselektor
  6. Nothing Stops Detroit by Robert Hood
  7. Dash by Subjoi
  8. Birth of New Life by Drexciya
  9. Fade Away - Vocal by Baltra
  10. Innocente (feat. Leigh Nash) - Lost Witness Remix by Delerium, Leigh Nash, Lost Witness
  11. Mbr / Ajisai by Ametsub
  12. Libration by Substance, Vainqueur
  13. Carrier by Rhythm & Sound
  14. Think Twice by Claude Young, Takasi Nakajima, Different World
  15. 1 AM by Blamstrain
  16. information about the type of dangerous substances by Stuxnet
  17. Rough Sleeper by Burial
  18. Born Yesterday by Arca, Sia
  19. Beautiful World by Hikaru Utada
  20. Extreme Ways by Moby
  21. Fantas for Electric Guitar by Caterina Barbieri, Walter Zanetti
  22. Suits Maps And Guns by Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard
  23. First of the Last Glaciers by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  24. Gunpowder: A Ballet by Dr Manhattan
  25. crushcrushcrush by Paramore
  26. Distortion Sleep by Soilwork
  27. My Own Grave by As I Lay Dying
  28. Fever Dream by Bury Your Dead
  29. Hemorrhage (In My Hands) by Fuel
  30. Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi
  31. bladelores by Autechre
  32. Red Flares Ignite at Europe’s Borders by Canadian Rifles
  33. Sodium Glow by Altus
  34. Refraction, Pt. 3 by Loscil
  35. Avril 14th (Aphex Twin) - Loscil Remix by Aphex Twin, Murcof, Vanessa Wagner, Loscil
  36. Everything Must Change by Nina Simone
  37. Theme of Laura by Akira Yamaoka

In Which Everything Makes Sense


  1. Savor The Kill by Darkest Hour
  2. Love As A Weapon by Darkest Hour
  3. DEMON(S) by Darkest Hour
  4. Doomsayer (The Beginning Of The End) by Darkest Hour
  5. The Misery We Make by Darkest Hour
  6. Futurist by Darkest Hour
  7. Convalescence by Darkest Hour
  8. With A Thousand Words To Say But One by Darkest Hour
  9. December Flower by In Flames
  10. Only for the Weak by In Flames
  11. My Sweet Shadow by In Flames
  12. Ordinary Story by In Flames
  13. Cloud Connected by In Flames
  14. Trigger by In Flames
  15. The Weapon They Fear by Heaven Shall Burn
  16. Numbing the Pain by Heaven Shall Burn
  17. The Dream Is Dead by Heaven Shall Burn
  18. The Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage
  19. Hate by Design by Killswitch Engage
  20. The Signal Fire by Killswitch Engage, Howard Jones
  21. The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage
  22. The Element of One by Killswitch Engage
  23. Thirtyfour by Cult Of Luna
  24. A Greater Call by Cult Of Luna, Julie Christmas
  25. Ghost Key by ISIS
  26. So Did We (Remastered) by ISIS
  27. Cafo by Animals As Leaders
  28. Faith in Lies by Deadships
  29. Set Fire by Deadships
  30. Siren’s Song by Deadships
  31. The Light That Blinds by Shadows Fall
  32. The Darkest Nights by As I Lay Dying
  33. Meaning in Tragedy by As I Lay Dying
  34. Forever by As I Lay Dying
  35. Elegy by As I Lay Dying
  36. 94 Hours by As I Lay Dying
  37. On Wings Of Lead by Bleeding Through
  38. Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire by Bleeding Through
  39. It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door by Underoath
  40. A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White by Underoath
  41. When The Sun Sleeps by Underoath
  42. I’ve Got Ten Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Ain’t Gonna Do Jack by Underoath
  43. Moving For The Sake Of Motion by Underoath
  44. Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads by It Dies Today
  45. A Threnody For Modern Romance by It Dies Today
  46. Ex’s And Oh’s by Atreyu
  47. A Paradox With Flies - The Light by Darkest Hour
  48. Antihero by God Forbid
  49. Heartmachine by Northlane
  50. Of Mind - Nocturne by TesseracT
  51. Silvera by Gojira
  52. Meaningless by Deadships
  53. Ascend from Disruption by Circle of Contempt
  54. White Washed by August Burns Red
  55. High//Low by Deadships
  56. Dead End by In Flames
  57. Stare At The Sun by Thrice
  58. Paralyzed by As I Lay Dying
  59. My Heart and the Ocean by Heavan Shall Burn
  60. In Response to Stars by Misery Signals
  61. Sound the Surrender by Darkest Hour
  62. Dear Lover, by Deadships
  63. Marty to Science by Deadlock
  64. American Hollow by Maryr AD
  65. Roots Below by As I Lay Dying
  66. Fever Dream by Bury Your Dead
  67. Distortion Sleep by Soilwork
  68. My Own Grave by As I Lay Dying

My Life In Playlists: 2020


  1. Kasvetli Kutlama by She Past Away
  2. I’ll Keep Coming by Low Roar
  3. Not Afraid by アンジェラ (Vo. Alisa)
  4. Stare At The Sun by Thrice
  5. Fever by Pslam Trees
  6. The Means Whereby Lovers Are Waylaid by Telefon Tel Aviv
  7. Mad World (Feat. Michael Andrews) by by Gary Jules
  8. A Galaxy of Scars by The Third Eye Foundation
  9. Fantas by Caterina Barbieri
  10. Living Numbers by Northern Information
  11. Majula by Motoi Skuraba
  12. From Omens by Hilyard, Poemme
  13. A Sheltered Place - Phaeleh Remix by Way Out West, Phaeleh
  14. Ketracel by Steve Hauschildt
  15. BRIDGES by Ludvig Forssell
  16. City Ruins (Shade) by Keiichi Okabe
  17. Tear Vial by William Basinski
  18. Kryoptonite by Aneesh Gera
  19. With Broken Wings and Giants Tall by Bvdub
  20. r catzt by Autechre
  21. A1 by Celer
  22. And the Birds Are About To Bust Their Guts with Singing by Set Fire to Flames
  23. The Hell of You Come In by Lee Noble

My Life In Playlists: 2019


  1. a younger version of myself by Telefon Tel Aviv
  2. On The Embankment by Huerco S.
  3. M04a by Maurizio
  4. Our Holy Ghosts by The Felix Culpa
  5. fullmoon by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  6. Devil Is Fine by Zeal & Ardor
  7. D.O.A. by Deadships
  8. Autowave by Kelly Moran
  9. Many Gods, Many Angels by Lee Gamble
  10. Dancing and Blood by Low
  11. Opening From Glasswork by Philip Glass, Cornelius
  12. Soundboy Killer by Special Request
  13. ultraviolet world by Rod Modell
  14. Hydropolis by LSTNGT
  15. Poison Tree by Grouper
  16. Love on a Real Train (Rerecorded) by Tangerine Dream
  17. Tom by Fennesz
  18. City Centre by Deepchord
  19. State Forest by Burial
  20. Take Control by Killswitch Engage
  21. 萌動 by Nobuo Uematsu
  22. Adventure Of A Lifetime by Marcell
  23. A Prayer for England by Massive Attack
  24. Coco Blood by Celeste
  25. Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker
  26. High//Low by Deadships
  27. Radiance I - Edit by Basic Channel
  28. Lonely by Chiccote’S Beats
  29. Strangelove - 7” Version by Depeche Mode

My Life In Playlists: 2018


  1. Come Thru for U by DJ Seinfeld
  2. Indefinite Fields by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  3. Half Light of Dawn by Abul Mogard
  4. Screen by Visible Cloaks
  5. This Causes Consciousness to Fracture by Caterina Barbieri
  6. Maximum Black by Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
  7. Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet by Gavin Bryars
  8. Unfold by Gábor Lázár
  9. A sodium codec haze by Time Hecker
  10. Noon Hill Wood by Richard Skelton
  11. Hepta by Syne
  12. The Alien by Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow
  13. six of eight (midst) by Autechre
  14. DREAMROAD by Shock Model Duo
  15. Uwëm/Creātiōn by Space Afrika
  16. More Alone (Album Version) by Tropic of Cancer
  17. Feathers by A Perfect Circle
  18. It Has to Start Somewhere by Underoath
  19. Meaningless by Deadships
  20. Heartmachine by Northlane
  21. Of Mind - Nocturne by TesseracT
  22. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  23. feed1 by Autechre
  24. Redshift by ASC
  25. Blue ghost by Chris Kiehne

My Life In Playlists: 2017


  1. The Stars Drop Away (Equus Oils) by Ben Babbitt
  2. Flower by HKE
  3. Minnen av morfar by D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.
  4. The Dull Age by Tropic of Cancer
  5. Gaol in the Deep by Disasterpeace
  6. Vignette: Panacea by Disasterpeace
  7. Sleepygirl 4 by Yagya
  8. /// by Second Woman
  9. A Song Of Summer by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
  10. War It by Forest Swords
  11. San Junipero (80s-90s-00s-??s) by Clint Mansell
  12. Hard Rain by Lawrence English
  13. Monks Mound (Arcology) by Huerco S.
  14. 恢复 by 2814
  15. rose&rose by UNKNOWNjp
  16. Take My Bones Away by Baroness
  17. Forgot About Dre by Dr. Dre
  18. Losing My Religion by R.E.M.
  19. Anthem for No State by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  20. A Greater Call by Cult of Luna, Julie Christmas
  21. By and Down (Live) by A Perfect Circle
  22. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
  23. Artificial Death In The West by Death Grips
  24. Faith in Lies by Deadships
  25. 100407jd7 by Second Woman
  26. It’s just a burning memory by The Caretaker

My Life In Playlists: 2016


  1. Savor the Kill by Darkest Hour
  2. Love as a Weapon by Darkest Hour
  3. Set Fire by Deadships
  4. Ice to Never by The Black Queen
  5. In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins
  6. Daniel by Bat for Lashes
  7. Heart of Gold by Neil Young
  8. Heartbeats by The Knife
  9. Verflossen ist das Gold der tage by Bersarin Quartet
  10. The Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage
  11. Inside (2:56am Mix) by 36
  12. Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  13. The Day That Mauro Ran Over Elwy Yost by 1-Speed Bike
  14. NMS_exteriorAtoms1/False Suns by 65daysofstatic
  15. Siren’s Song by Deadships
  16. Hold On by 36
  17. Conversazioni stellari - Seattle mix by The Sight Below, Chaos (Japan)
  18. Deceiver by Loscil
  19. Things Done Changed by The Notorius B.I.G.
  20. arcadian nights by tyler etters & the northern information movement

My Life In Playlists: 2015

  1. Ataronchronon by Boards of Canada
  2. Coming of a God by Kurt Stenzel
  3. Dreams by Beck
  4. Splendid by Vic Chesnutt
  5. Pulse Dive by 36
  6. All Along the Watchtower by Träd Gräs Och Stenar
  7. Feel the Fall by Dillon & Telefon Tel Aviv
  8. Sommarlåten by International Harvester
  9. My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) by Neil Young
  10. A River Runs Through This City by Esermine
  11. 21 Forgotten T by Aphex Twin
  12. heat death by tyler etters & the northern information movement
  13. Tunnel Chase by Brad Fiedel
  14. I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten by Eluvium
  15. Lonely Soul by DJ Shadow
  16. Vortex by John Carpenter
  17. A Horse with No Name by America
  18. Ultra Silvam by Ştiu Nu Ştiu
  19. Get Got by Death Grips

My Life In Playlists: 2014

  1. Richter: Song by Max Richter
  2. This Is What It Feels Like by Banks
  3. Al Qaeda Possess Nuclear Capacity by Vatican Shadow
  4. Nolan by Ben Frost
  5. Hold on Hold Still for a Second by Sons of Magdalene
  6. Coffin Varnish by The Atlas Moth
  7. Atomos by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
  8. Eye by The Smashing Pumpkins
  9. Moya by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

My Life In Playlists: 2013

  1. God’s Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash
  2. Unity by Bvdub
  3. First Fires by Bonobo
  4. rainbow table by tyler etters & the northern information movement
  5. After Time by 36
  6. Pyramids by Frank Ocean
  7. War by Henry the Archer
  8. Blommorana by Jonathan Johansson
  9. Niemals Zurük by Bersarin Quartette
  10. Code by Pan-American
  11. Until We Bleed by Kleerup ft. Lykke Li
  12. Straight Up by Paula Abdul
  13. Wheel in the Sky by Journey
  14. Southern Man by Neil Young
  15. Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails
  16. Blade Runner Blues by Vangelis
  17. Let In The Light by Moderat
  18. Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) by Angelo Badalamenti
  19. Reach For The Dead by Boards of Canada
  20. a certain darkness, first snow by tyler etters & the northern information movement

My Life In Playlists: 2012

  1. At First Touch by The Sight Below
  2. Prolegomenon by Connectedness Locus
  3. Archangel by Burial
  4. Kaddish For Chesnutt by Efrim Manual Menuck
  5. Mladic by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  6. Skinny by HTRK
  7. Eleventh! by Arovane
  8. As I Lay My Head Down by Other Lives
  9. Son Saves The Rest by Yppah
  10. Inside Elevation by Pan-American
  11. Wr by Labradford
  12. Whoblo by Bola
  13. Honest by Kelly de Martino
  14. Ghosts of the Garden City by Caspian
  15. Ava Adore by The Smashing Pumpkins
  16. Sad Eyes by Crystal Castles
  17. Vow by Julianna Barwick
  18. Alone Together by Marconi Union
  19. Age of Wonder by The American Dollar
  20. Waking Expectations by Rafael Anton Irisarri
  21. Alothea by Zomby
  22. Ashtray Wasp by Burial
  23. The Six Million Dollar Sandwich by The Dead Texan
  24. Bell Tower by Harold Budd
  25. Endless Falls by Loscil
  26. Requiem for Dying Mothers Pt. 1 & 2 by Stars of the Lid
  27. By the Wall by Tomáš Dvořák
  28. Burn Me Out From the Inside by The Sight Below
  29. When I Grow Up by Fever Ray
  30. Goodbye by Ulrich Schnauss

My Life In Playlists: 2011

  1. When did our dreams and futures drift so far apart? by Leyland Kirby
  2. Currents of Electrostasy by Tim Hecker
  3. Before the Outside’s Gone by To Destory a City
  4. Seals & Sanctions by Bridges of Königsberg
  5. Lotus FLower by Radiohead
  6. Midnight City by M83
  7. Rising Suadade by Downliers Sekt
  8. A Dream Within A Dream by The Glitch Mob
  9. A True Form by Connectedness Locus
  10. Holocene by Bon Iver
  11. The Willows by Belbury Poly
  12. Dark Flute by Jim Guthrie
  13. Sunshine + Gasoline by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  14. 断罪の花: Guilty Sky by Kosaka Riyu
  15. Alien Observer by Grouper
  16. Cocoon by Aless
  17. Little Horn by Suns
  18. Dark Clouds by Karl Frank
  19. The Ghost by Lunar Day
  20. Final Movement - feat. “Not At Home” by Clint Mansell, Peter Broderick

My Life In Playlists: 2010

  1. I Never Lose. Never Really by Belong
  2. The Eraser by Thom Yorke
  3. Les Grandes Marches by Moderat
  4. Arcadia by Apparat
  5. Lengthening Shadows (unmixed) by Telefon Tel Aviv
  6. Ancient Highways by tenspeed
  7. Kollapz Tradixional (Thee Olde Dirty Flag) by Silver Mt. Zion
  8. Slow Show by The National
  9. Where I End and You Begin by Radiohead
  10. Chambers by Sioum
  11. Midas Touch Remix by Hell Interface
  12. 13093 by LAKE R▲DIO
  13. Friend of hte Night by Mogwai
  14. Same Places (Slow Version) by Belong
  15. CWCIII by Telefon Tel Aviv, Richard Devine
  16. Treale by Autechre
  17. Turned Incandescent by Connectedness Locus
  18. A Hail of Bombs by Red Sparowes
  19. We Are An Empire by Brit Woollard

My Life In Playlists: 2009

  1. Tempus Horizon by God Is An Astronaut
  2. Your Mouth by Telefon Tel Aviv
  3. Archeron by The Evpatoria Report
  4. The Green Green Grass (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) by The American Analog Set
  5. Seven Sisters by mewithoutYou
  6. Black History Month by Death From Above 1979
  7. The Sky is Black by Telefon Tel Aviv
  8. Coloring the Void by M83
  9. Untrust Us by Crystal Castles
  10. Mirador by Efterklang
  11. Swarming by Efterklang
  12. And It’s Alright by Peter Broderick
  13. M by Telefon Tel Aviv
  14. Heirloom by Bjork
  15. Far From Refuge by God Is An Astronaut
  16. Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping by Grouper
  17. Joga by Bjork

My Life In Playlists: 2008

  1. You, Appearing by M83
  2. How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead
  3. Brief moment of clarity broke through the deafening hum, but it was too late by Red Sparowes
  4. Fuego! by Murder By Death
  5. You Are the Worst in the World by Telefon Tel Aviv
  6. Obsessive Compulsive by The Firebird Band
  7. Miss You by Trentemøller
  8. Xibalba by Clint Mansell
  9. Climbing Up the Walls by Radiohead
  10. The Zookeeper’s Boy by Mew
  11. Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  12. Brace Legs by Born of Osiris
  13. Couleurs by M83
  14. Sound in a Dark Room by Telefon Tel Aviv
  15. Pretty Little Lightning Paw by Silver Mt. Zion
  16. Day of Justice by All Shall Perish
  17. 09-15-00 by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  18. Idioteque by Radiohead