raw: https://northerninformation.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/blog/clip-2006-06-28+19%3B28%3B26.dv

memories of a very specific piece of .dv footage,
lingering in my mind for several years.
finally, it itched enough to go spelunking,
just a quick scan of the archives away, maybe…

i knew the year,
but kept coming up nil.
maybe the subject of a latter-day digitization?

/2010 iMovie Backup
/iMovie Events.localized
/iMovie Thumbnails
/clip-2006-06-28 19;28;26.dv

.dv footage just hits different,
something about the frame rate and saturation.
shot coeval to that particular film zeitgeist of the 00’s,
primer, eternal sunshine, the only picture of us.

everything filtered and warm,
myspace blues, cd-r distribution networks.
elegies to our teenage years,
myself, just/only 18.

none of it edited in post,
even the reverberations from the baseball game are real.

(was it actually 19:28?
i seem to remember shooting this in the afternoon.
midwest sun just after the solstice,
the field at 42.27249932319169, -88.14133575827987…)

selected metadata,
video resolution: 720x480,
buffer dimensions: 736x480,
decoded format: Planar 4:1:1 YUV,
frame rate: 29.970030,
sample rate: 32000 Hz,
bits per sample: 16.

seventeen years later.
i realize why,
this clip never made it to one of my films.

it already says it all.