Northern Information emerged from the primordial mists of 2006. The logo first adorned the back of a certain series of metaphysical pamphlets known as Guns of the Philosopher.

Guns of the Philosopher

Seven years later, it mutated into tyler etters & the northern information movement with the release of the geometrie of our lost cause. This marked chapter one of a nine album project called the trilogy of trilogies.

The Northern Information Movement

2020’s The Arecibo Lamentations saw the designation return to simply Northern Information.

The Arecibo Lamentations

Later that year, as the pandemic raged, the Applied Sciences & Phantasms Working Division was established and the GitHub organization was instantiated.

Toolbox Sticker

2021 brought about an industrious shift to Northern Information, LLC as I explored various capitalistic ventures with the entity. Now, in 2023, I am in the final steps of dissolving the LLC and I couldn’t be more relieved.

Northern Information has always been my icebreaker - my vessel with which to cut through the harsh seas of time. It has served as a beacon, a publishing house, a website, a broadcast station, a band, a company…

While its callsign and tactics may have changed over the years, its objective has remained ever constant: the future.