The Tower of Babylon

Behold what the various design trends, legal forces, and technologies have imposed upon the average web user. This image was neither scripted nor staged. I was simply researching the technical specifications of a thank-you-for-being-our-partner gift from Gaslight.

I’d share the link but I’m not affiliated with Anker. You can reproduce these results, anywhere. As you go Christmas shopping just watch the amazing wildlife peep out of your browser’s corners:

Cookie pop-up, covered by an accessibility affordance.

Across from a live chat tab, itself over some button the same blue.

Above it: breaking news! Bella in Van Nuys just made a purchase 19 minutes ago.

A broken slider gallery of some sort sputters a recursive death rattle.

Diverse-ish anodyne humans but all umbilicaled into the H1’s decree: “POWER, NOW IN COLOR.”