I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time but TheLitCritGuy beat me to the punch:

So, where are we? What kind of world does the dead flag blues warn us about? It is a world that is distinctly eerie in precisely the sense that Mark Fisher used it in The Weird and the Eerie. The world is shot through with a terrifying agency, wherein even objects take on new and terrifying potentiality. The billboards leer down, flags all dead at the top of their poles. Something is out there. Close to you. To put it in Fisherian terms, the outside has come in - an eerie agency has remade the world, revealing the corruptive rot under the shine of neoliberal technocracy. All that’s left is to kiss those you love, as in echoes of Nietzsche, ‘these truly are the last days.’ You can’t buy your way out either. Open up your wallet and it’s full of blood, the commodity fetish cast down, stripped of its metaphysical niceties.

In the spirit of mystery kindly accept these fragmented offerings: tape hiss, found sounds, sonic collage, vox populi, radio samples, lost histories, liminal spaces (“ARCO AM/PM!”), analog photography/film.