Synergy Beat

I just completed the soundtrack for Synergy Beat: Future World Digest, a cyberpunk anime zine from the mind of Gage Lindsten. The project assembles many talented artists and we did the whole thing in just a couple weeks. For each track, I assumed the role of a (silly) fictitious band:

  • The Future World Neural Net: an AI in the likeness of Wintermute that scrapes the web for audio samples and pieces together music.
  • キル ナイト: an urban pre-teen obsessed with energy drinks and throwback videogame music.
  • Lavender Stranger: anonymous and blurry profile picture of some victorian wallpaper.
  • Bio Mint: an eclectic global collective who share compose via torrents on shuttered P2P networks.
  • The Infinity Tigers: SoundCloud indie-pop superstars make their first electronic track.
  • Shock Model Duo: brother DJs from some eastern European bloc.