and though the soft apocalypse may yet overtake

From the digital liner notes: “i have been having dreams about the apocalypse lately. firefighters swarming like ants on a smoldering sears tower, lake michigan simply exploding, the laws of physics deteriorating, heat death, psychological collapses. ever since i was a little boy the topic of eschatology intrigued me. i have always found the the snafus and close calls to be especially interesting: y2k, 12-21-2012, the return of nibiru… these overly hyped events stir up the fears and emotions of certain circles and then awkwardly fizzle out. contrast these to real-world atrocities, cold wars, personal and familial crises, and you realize the apocalypse is happening everyday for someone. ours is an age of false prophets and fear mongering. we make the apocalypse real in our minds. between the actual and perceived doomsdays there is enough to keep anyone worried and anxious for the rest of their lives. this album is about living in a world where anything can happen, where the soft apocalypse may yet overtake at any momemnt. it is a collage; a story; a sonic journey of found sounds and field recordings. it’s rawer and rougher than anything i’ve released before. from anonymous protests in chicago to some particularly terrifying flood sirens, from emergency broadcasts to gin-drunk conversations with old timers about the wars of the 20th century. the singularity already happened. it is not yet over. be kind and generous, always. create something beautiful today and we’ll be just fine.”