Respect for the Medium

New music from They Became What They Beheld: Respect for the Medium

The fundamental audio loop is more Gabrieli.

The DV tape loop is from Fireflies & Fields, a deeply personal series shot straight out of camera. Summer, 2009. Just after sunset. “Night Mode” enabled camera on a tripod facing south-south-east. Fairfield Road a bit to my back and right. A solid two-minute hike across the prairie to touch the first oaks in the shot. Macro lens on. Optical zoom maxed. Digital zoom zero. The key: auto-focus enabled to force the beacons into a duel until dawn. The loop is 21.17 seconds long and employs neither dissolve nor crossfade. It is same hard cut over and over until the song ends. Approximately 19% of the shot is lost because I wanted to crop it from 720x480 to 1920x1040 for the final export. Once you see the Taraxacum mote ascending you will never unsee it.

The artwork is also from Fireflies & Fields, also straight out of camera.

These sorts of things are important to me.

Respect for the medium.

Shout out to DJJJS for wishing for Celer length tracks from me.