Operation March is over. 30 posts in 31 days. (I finished an EP somewhere in there which explains the missing post.) What did I learn? What was the experiment? The hypothesis?

I knew I could share something each day. Putting words to bytes has never been a blocker. I was curious if I could share something meaningful or interesting each day?

If it was a normal month, I probably would have only published The Surveillance Transcendentalism of Spy Movies and the usual handful of event or release announcements. But, because I needed to write something each day, I naturally ended up digging a bit deeper and found pieces like Light Blue Collar Worker and Apocalypse Mudra.

In this regard, the experiment was a success.

I also learned I was hesitant to link out to other media and artists. The “digital sovereignty” reminder I added to each post helped me get over this block. I think it is important readers of Northern Information know I don’t track or monitor you. Everything I do here is rooted in passion and curiosity, not finance or clicks. So, I’ll be adding a short privacy policy page along with a reminder on each post.

This is another success.

April will be quieter. I’ve been in a strange place (even for me!) for all of 2022. I made a massive career shift in Q4/Q1 and all my emotions and thoughts have been refracting in novel patterns. The two year anniversary of the pandemic sucker-punched me outta nowhere which also triggered many reveries… So next up is a time of depth. I’m presently working on longer tail projects like Coral Carrier Incarnadine and Continuum Hack. I am consciously entering a season of silence, a shadow zone.

Thank you for reading,