Staggering through the canyon, diskette in hand, the tracks, the next two tracks. Does this clear things up? Or make matters worse?

I dueled with a KUSC radio broadcast of “Giovanni Gabrieli - Sanctus: VI. Hosanna in excelsis” for years but each time I was bested. So, pummeled into this hecatomb-cocoon of 2022, I reached back 32 years. It was the only way forward.

“Within the philosophies of time, three oppositional schools compete: Eternalism describes the phenomenon of time like a strip of film - the past and the future do exist, are real, but the present is merely a human concept. The growing block theory, maybe the most intuitive of the three, states that the present continually creates the past, but the future is unwritten. Presentism on the other hand argues that the only thing irrefutable is the present and that the past and the future are both unreal. By applying these three concepts to music, we may end up with a number of strategies to rethink what we consider as given.”

— JAT, 2020

Excerpt from My First Roll of Film

Love at First Light

While sourcing images for the release I happened across the first roll of 35mm film I ever processed myself. The above image, “Love at First Light” is from that roll. That year was also the birth of Northern Information.