Simon Reynolds, writing for blissblog:

I don’t have much to say apart from the fairly selfish thought that I’d love to know what Mark would have had to say about things.

Things in the specific sense - cultural products. Like the Dry Cleaning album, or SOPHIE’s music. Feted television series or films - which ones would have excited him or seemed indicative of a condensation of popular desire, a shift in consciousness, an ideological glitch, worth taking the measure of? What things would have stirred his delicious scorn? And how would he have reacted to The Caretaker becoming a TikTok meme?

But I’d also love to know what Mark would have had to say about “things” in a general sense - where we are. This sense of paralysis and helpless sliding towards catastrophe on multiple levels. It would be a chilling thrill to read Mark on the subject of the awful people who govern us, or, in America, the awful people trying to make government impossible. How would he have processed the pandemic and lockdown?

I’ve pushed through the greif but I’m still figuring out how to mourn.

Maybe that feeling of “What might Mark Fisher have to say about that?” is a good trigger to write a new blog post.