Antidawn gets you thinking about time while pushing you over a daring and uneasy edge.

Imagine a negative image of a sunrise. Not a sunset, but an anti-dawn. An abyssal star. Human silhouettes of light dance on the beach. A black gull overhead. Brutalist ASMR landmarks for whom the laws of physics can only license a single hauntological survey.

The organs are a bit on the nose for my taste, what with so much literalism already wafting through the air: elegiac prayers, poems of woe, pitchforks on the graveyard walls, chimes at Michael’s Gate.

Lighters really do sound like little rhythms, don’t they? You’re one of them.

This is post-ambient: a web of sound paintings, drone, collage, seaweed. To be mad at Burial for anything is the same as to be mad at him for nothing. This works. That doesn’t. Move on. (Wow, I really wish drums came in at that one part.)

Is it a masterpiece? Probably. Will anyone recognize it? After all… it is so hard to see in this light. Does the light(er) at the end of the tunnel vibe at 432Hz?