The Teletype Study Group asks that you complete the monome studies, then proceed to work on a thesis. My first thesis was titled antithesis. I challenged myself for several weeks to not save my Teletype scenes. Start from scratch every time. Build up the muscle memory.

The day I decided it was time for a new thesis, someone accidetnally deleted my channel. A wonderfully apt synchronicity for a project about impermanence.

My second thesis is entitled Shadow Fi Labs. With Flash Crash coming up this Saturday, I wanted to push the envelope a bit and do live music for all the interstitial sequences.

After 4 days of development I’m happy to report the system has become self aware and is ready for action.

The above linked schematic has the entire program and general gear layout. Here are futher reference photos:

Mars Mapcore Deck

Phobos, Demos, and Maths Pods

Octatrack & Launch Control XL

Peak, Digitone, Holy Grail, Microdream