I Dream of Artificial Crickets & Weather Data

I read a quote the other day: never go to sleep without asking your subconscious something. I’ve been doing this for a few nights now and am happy to report the results are remarkable. Last night my ask was to figure out how to get unstuck for the next episode of UTC.

I had a dream about crickets and the weather and it all snapped into place. I woke up, got further inspiration from the Critical Engineering Manifesto, and made this in about two hours:

The program allows you to select a weather station. It then grabs the temperature via the API, runs that through Dolbear’s Law, and lets you hear how fast crickets at that station might be chirping.

I love the idea of remotely experiencing temperature via something other than a number (i.e. 72°) or color (i.e. red). There is also something I can’t quite put my finger on… Perhaps related to simulating crickets in places where they shouldn’t be? And during seasons when they might normally be dormant?

Download the Max patch here.

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