As ‘Syngery Beat’

Synergy Beat: Future World Digest is a cyberpunk anime zine from the mind of Gage Lindsten. The project assembles many talented artists. We did the whole thing in just a couple weeks. I was on soundtrack duty. For each song, I assumed the role of a (silly) fictitious band.

As ‘the northern information movement’

#shadow_fi: a self-defined genre and rough approximation of ambient post-rock blended with drone and lo-fi. 2017 brought The Arcadian Nights trilogy, 2015 The Phantom Time Trilogy, and 2013 The #shadow_fi Trilogy.

As ‘Connectedness Locus’

In one-dimensional complex dynamics, the connectedness locus is a subset of the parameter space of rational functions, which consists of those parameters for which the corresponding Julia set is connected.

— Wikipedia

As ‘Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades’ & ‘Ix’

Ix came first but soon evolved into ECiC;EFiS - same parameters, techniques, equipment. Just more focused. These three releases constitute an arc inquiry. Pasha Petrosyan and I worked on these projects “on the side” while we were in a metalcore band together. I say “on the side” because in retrospect our hearts were always here.