Art fuels life, not the other way around.

As "Sidereal Lobby"

2021 - Present


2021 - Present

As "Northern Information"

  • -13,800,000,000: the universe forms.
  • -4,500,000,000: the moon forms.
  • -66,000,000: the Chicxulub impactor kills 75% of everything.
  • 01945: the first nuclear device is detonated at the Trinity Site.
  • 01960: construction of the Arecibo Observatory begins.
  • 01963: construction of the Arecibo Observatory ends.
  • 01974: the Arecibo message is broadcast.
  • 01985: Carl Sagan’s novel, Contact, is published.
  • 02020: the Arecibo Observatory collapses.
  • 03000: the 10,000 Year Clock chimes thrice.
  • +26,974: the Arecibo message arrives at M13.
  • +10^14: star formation ceases.
  • +10^40: black holes dominate the universe.
  • +10^100: if protons decay, the universe suffers heat death.

*All above dates and events are inaccurate.

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"The First Arcologists"


This album is a document of The First Arcologists and their first brave steps into the strange world we’ve suddenly found ourselves reckoning with. All of the tracks were composed with a piece of software called “Arcologies” that runs on a small custom art computer called Norns.

With Arcologies, users build miniature worlds out of objects that wouldn’t feel out of place in a 1980’s fantasy game - crypts, tunnels, shrines, mazes, topiaries, etc. - and then play those miniature worlds as musical instruments, triggering interactions between the objects.

Arcologies is a 21st century instrument for musical composition and discovery. It was designed by Tyler Etters as “an interactive environment for designing 2d sound arcologies with norns and grid” during the summer of 2020. Described as a “sanity project,” it has attracted a small but passionate group of users.

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As "They Became What They Beheld"


“The young today shun the hardware of the past. Marx thought the big question was: Who owns the presses? Software makes hardware obsolete, an encumbrance, creating a false sense of power and security. The young package their messages in media that fit their messages, that is, they create new media to fit their messages. In so doing, they create their own audiences. Some of these audiences may be very small at the beginning. In Houston I met film makers producing films for audiences of no more than six. The point was that they would reach the right people in the right way with the right message.”

– Edmund Snow Carpenter, 1970

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As "Synergy Beat"


Synergy Beat: Future World Digest is a cyberpunk anime zine from the mind of Gage Lindsten. The project assembles many talented artists. We did the whole thing in just a couple weeks. I was on soundtrack duty. For each song, I assumed the role of a (silly) fictitious band.

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As "Connectedness Locus"

2008 - 2012

“In one-dimensional complex dynamics, the connectedness locus is a subset of the parameter space of rational functions, which consists of those parameters for which the corresponding Julia set is connected.”

— Wikipedia

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As "the northern information movement"

2012 - 2017

#shadow_fi: a self-defined genre and rough approximation of ambient post-rock blended with drone and lo-fi. 2017 brought The Arcadian Nights trilogy, 2015 The Phantom Time Trilogy, and 2013 The #shadow_fi Trilogy.

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As "Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades" & "Ix"

2005 - 2009

Ix came first but soon evolved into ECiC;EFiS - same parameters, techniques, equipment. Just more focused. These three releases constitute an arc inquiry. Pasha Petrosyan and I worked on these projects “on the side” while we were in a metalcore band together. I say “on the side” because in retrospect our hearts were always here.

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