Northern Information is the abstraction of polymath-artist Tyler Etters.

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generation 0, seed

My name is Tyler Etters and I am a polymath-artist. I use β€œpolymath” to describe my curiosity and proficiency with software development, graphic/UX/product/conceptual design, community organizing, leadership, consulting, teaching, and strategy. As an artist, my practice incorporates electronic music, new media, design, writing, photography, and film. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Columbia College Chicago.

I was born and raised in the American midwest but now I live in California with Sage. Her and I have been sharing our lives together since 2010. I’m often reading fiction, theory, and science. I love travel, the smell of fresh acrylic paint, and to be on the stage.

During the pandemic, most of my time has been spent: